Three Tips to Hydrate your Skin with Clayton Shagal

As if the cold winter weather isn’t hard enough on our skin, along came COVID-19 and having spent so much time in the dry-heated indoors, many of us have been left in dire need of a moisture boost. If you’re among those finding your face drier than usual, consider these three top tips from Canadian brand Clayton Shagal to hydrate your skin. 

 A renowned leader in the skin care industry for more than 35 years, Clayton Shagal has an innovative line of 38 high-end, luxurious body and face treatments for both women and men, geared for all skin types – normal, oily, dry, sensitive or a combination – many fragrance-free and all guaranteed not to irritate your skin. 

1. Moisturize twice daily: 
To ensure your skin remains healthy and nourished throughout the day, it’s best to hydrate your face with a rich moisturizer both in the morning and before bedtime. High-quality products, such as Clayton Shagal’s Hydra Derm Cream are recommended for best results. Hydra Derm Cream, for example, strengthens and revitalizes the skin by creating a barrier that protects it from harmful environmental factors, free radicals, photoaging and oxidative stress. Thanks to its ability to retain water and prevent dehydration, it also prevents signs of premature skin aging and restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. 

2. Try collagen: 
Did you know there’s a way to get the benefits of collagen without injection? Clayton Shagal is the only skin care company to offer an exclusive Collagen Gel (and Collagen Gel Plus for those over 35), uniquely made of 99% pure non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble collagen – the purest form of collagen ever extracted. The gel penetrates through your skin all the way to the dermis without any need for injections. Just dab it on and you’ll find it regenerates, hydrates and nourishes your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, accelerates skin recovery after burns, injuries, scars and procedures, soothes and reduces irritation, inflammation and redness, and tones and restores your skin’s vitality. Tested under close supervision of qualified dermatologists, the unique gel is filled with essential nutrients and proven to deliver a more radiant and youthful look, naturally. 

3. Use a face mask: 
On top of the other moisturizing products, using a hydrating face mask, ideally twice a week, helps the skin retain moisture. Whatever your skin type, the right face mask not only helps keep skin hydrated, but also helps restore its balance and suppleness. Pamper yourself and stimulate your senses with one of Clayton Shagal’s luxurious, spa-like products, such as its Mokaccino Mask or Cucumber and Avocado Mask. Both are rich in vitamins and minerals, leaving your complexion radiant and improving visible signs of premature aging and damage caused by UV rays. The Mokaccino Mask also reduces skin spots and blemishes, as well as dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. 

 Regardless of the products you choose, it’s important to keep up your skin care routine for maximum results – no matter what the season. Clayton Shagal products are available online at, and at salons and spas across North America. 

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**This post was sponsored by Clayton Shagal**


  1. I am all about all three tips! I think they are all so important!

  2. I don’t do enough masks. I should definitely incorporate more of those into my routine. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Omg! Me too! Especially since the Canadian weathers are so rough!

  3. Hydrating face masks definitely saved my face this winter. My skin was soooo dry!

  4. I love taking care of my skin but I have been on the struggle bus lately. I even recently found out that my oily skin needs moisture!

  5. My skin has been so dry lately. I think my issue is not moisturizing twice per day. I’m going to try these products because I’ve heard nothing but good things.

  6. Thanks for these amazing skin tips! You rock! I will definitely be following your 3 steps. Hydrating one's skin is really important and you're just really great for sharing this.


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