Advice on Coping and Getting through the Morning during a Stay at Home Order

Although our new reality with RONA has impacted the world as a whole, this is the best time to focus on yourself aside from working from home, being stuck inside all day, and just being plain bored and depressed. Living in Canada, I can say Ontario is a mess. I feel like I wasted a year BUT I'm also grateful to be alive, grateful to be a Content Creator and grateful that no one in my family got sick. 

So again let me not complain and just be grateful.

Here are some routine steps you can build in the morning and ideas to help you during this time of self-isolation/Stay-at-home order. 

The first thing you should do in the morning is give some time to yourself. My husband and I have a schedule when we are both home. He takes the first half of the day with Ava-every SINGLE DAY (when he's not working) . Shout out to my morning people! That isn't me LOL. I set my phone alarm to get up 20 mins earlier than I normally would (somedays- it works... somedays it doesn’t... Don’t beat yourself up about it if it's a fail). I TRY not to check my phone. Then I come up with a game plan for the rest of the day. 

Self-Care/ Skin Care is so important. I have a lot of people who thing that because we're not outside that we have to neglect everything. The answer is NO! Wash your face, tone, moisturize, brush your teeth and comb your hair! None of this stops EVER! If you need product recommendations - Let me know!

Start your day with breakfast whether it’s fruits, oatmeal, smoothies, or your bagel and coffee. You don’t want to begin your day with foods that will tire you out quickly, also take your vitamins at this time if you haven’t. During this time it's so easy to start your day out and forget to eat. So this is a mini reminder!

If you thought I was going to skip this you were wrong; invest in a step tracking and activity tracking system. I use a Fitbit. To get my steps in - As a family, we go for short walks. Even if it’s to the mailbox- it’s still effective. 


After you have checked off the previous steps, Now you're ready for the day, nothing can stop you! If you need a little more motivation grab your phone listen to some podcasts/clubhouse or chat with a friend.

Hope this short post helped you cope. 

Is there anything that I missed?

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  1. Thanks for these advice. God bless

    Leonila A. Dalanta
    Media Relations Manager


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