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My 1BodyBar Experience

Sometimes a girl has to get away and just pamper her self. A few weeks ago I did just that. I visited Toronto's only health conscious body bar 1Bodybar for a  facial & manicure.

Lately, I have started to treat myself to getting my nails done every three weeks. I have been to quite a few salons/spa's in my city but overall I have not been impressed. It's not just about quality but the atmosphere plays a big role too. You should go back because you love it not because it's the only decent place in your area.

I would totally go back to 1Bodybar because I generally loved the atmosphere. The people there were totally friendly. The lady doing my manicure and I had an awesome conversation about her Channing Tatum encounter. Hahaha!

 Most of the time when I get a manicure I'm never asked how I would like my nails or given suggestions what would work for me. At 1BodyBar we talked out what shape would go with my nail bed and how to maintain it.

I enjoyed the fact that after my manicure I got to keep my nail file and the hand cream she used on me. Although it's a small gesture, it was great to know that everything used was brand new.

 My "Island" inspired nails for the Summer!

The lady doing my facial was very knowledgeable. I should add the facial was done with all dermalogica products. This is a brand I know and use at home.  The best part was the steaming, massage and blackhead extraction. I will admit the room which I got my facial in was small. I'm adding this a warning, in case small places make you uncomfortable. You can see a picture of the room below.

I would go back to 1BodyBar again if I am in Toronto!

1BodyBar waiting area
Manicure area + Nubar polishes
Are you currently in love with your salon or are you looking for a new one?