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Social Butterfly ManeTeeze by T&M Review

Don't you hate the fact that your hair "soaks" up smells like a sponge! Nothing is worse that leaving the house and fearing that everyone smells that curry chicken that your mother just cooked. Haha- I know I can't be the only one who thinks that everyone can smell it.

Now that I'm older, I appreciate a product like Mane teeze.
Mane Teeze by T&M Hair Perfumes aim to freshen your hair, invigorate your spirit and unlock your inner diva at any hour of the day. Delicious scents with a higher concentrate than average perfumes adds a long lasting fresh flavour to your hair for up to 12 hours.
Social Butterfly gives off a sweet vanilla scent. I like the fact that the scent is not over powering. If you don't like vanilla scented products there are two other options: Black Widow & Haut Mess. Haut Mess is actually my favorite because it's chocolate and caramel scented.

In a fashionable 50ml glass bottle, Mane Teeze by T&M Hair Perfumes can conveniently be toted around in your gym bag, purse or clutch.

I like the bottle but I wish that they had a travel- sized option. Recently, I went to a BBQ and got the unfortunate seat beside the BBQ. My hair smelled like hamburgers & chicken! Before I left to go to another venue I lightly misted my hair. Since I had a huge bag, sticking it in there was no problem.

If I had my mini over the shoulder bag, I wouldn't have been able to fit it in there. I could probably transfer some to my mini atomizer.

You have two options to purchase ManeTeeze: Online or at a Blo Blow Dry Bar.

How do you deal with hair "odors" other than washing your hair?