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Do you have five minutes to spare? Hair removal options from Nair

Whenever I'm going out- I'm always running out of time!
Whether your wearing a tank, halter, dress or shorts- hair removal is key.

For me I need something quick and painless.

Nair has two great options.
Which got me through the tail end of the summer!

NAIR Shower Power Hair Removal Cream – Dry Skin Formula
Legs, Body/Underarms and Bikini

All you need is three minutes to remove unwanted hair!
I apply it before I hop in the shower and wait until it's ready.
My legs always feel smooth and moisturized after.
No pain at all!

Probably one of my top 10 favourite products I've tried in 2013.

What I like:
It's water-resistant and doesn't come off while your showering.
Plus it's has Moisturizing Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Almond Oil.

NAIR® Brazilian Spa Clay PERFECT TEMP Easy to Use Wax Strips - Face & Bikini
 Bikini, Face & Eyebrows

I've said this several times. Waxing scares me! It hurts!
Surprisingly, these were not that bad.

Comes with:
40 wax strips for face & bikini (2 SIZES - 20 double sided)
Plus four after use moisturizing towelettes -that also remove wax residue.

What I like:
I choose how warm they get by using my hands. Think about the motion you do when your rubbing your hands together then your cold. The Nair logo fades away when the strip is warm. Love the fact that I don't have to worry about getting burnt by the wax.

Both great products that I'd recommend to anyone who loses track of them when going out!