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Theorie Flat Irons come to Canada!

I've been on the flat-iron hunt for a while. I never have good luck with them. The latest one fell apart in my hands as I was straightening my hair...sad. I had to opportunity to try out a professional brand called Theorie who has just entered the Canadian market.
At Theorie, groundbreaking products are never inspired by imitation - they're inspired by relentless passion, creative vision and the pursuit of excellence. More than any other trait, innovation defines the heart of our brand. You'll see it in our products. You'll see it in our packaging. You'll see it in everything we do. 
When you think of the amount of money I've invested in to flat-irons over the years, I should have just put money towards on a good one. I was sent the Saga 1' flat iron ( SRP as low as $150 CDN) in purple. It comes in various other colours as well.

This is luxury and craftsmanship. It came with a very durable pouch, sleeve and a heat resistant cord! I've burnt a few cords in my time-so having a casing is amazing.

The case and sleeve are also great for traveling.

  • The flat iron comes with 100% solid titanium plates and can be cleaned easily.
Do you know how nice it is to be able to straighten your hair and not have to worry about it getting caught in-between the plates! To clean- I just take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the plates after they cool down.
  • Clear digital display with adjustable temperature 310°F – 450°F.
I'm so use to using dials on flat-irons but digital is really easy to read. I don't have to worry about what to do if my finger slipped and I burnt my hair... Don't laugh. It's possible. You can pick a temperature which works with your hair and lock it. Pretty smart idea.

  • Non slip grip and sleek design.
Very important when heat protectant serums are involved. I usually get it all over the flat-iron but it didn't fall out of my hands...which has happened in the past.

Here is a picture of my hair which was flat ironed on a low setting not to burn my hair.
I also had clips-in which flat-ironed pretty smoothly as well.

Overall, I'm pretty embarrassed that it took me awhile to use a high quality flat-iron.
It's easier for me to put it at a lower temperature to get the look I want, than to use a cheap flat-iron and put it all the way up. So much healthier for my fair.

You can find Theorie flat-irons in Canada at West Coast Beauty, Passion Beauty Supply, 
Metro Beauty Supply, and Capilex Beauté.