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Half Moon manicure

I'm in love with my nails this week!

I decided to cut them short because they were sooo uneven. They grow back I know I have nothing to worry about. .

These nails were achieved using a black from CND Shellac and a gold from color club.

I love the versatility of shellac nails. After getting them done I can do everything I want immediately.

The smallest task such as getting your wallet out to pay can be the biggest task with regular polish. I would always get smudges. Boo!

Are you a fan of the Half Moon trend?

My Nail Army: OPI, China Glaze & Color Club

It took me years to form the perfect nail army. I was a victim of chipping and smudged nails after my mani's but now I'm saved!

First I start with Color Club nail polish as a base coat.
After applying my color, I seal it with China Glaze No Chip Top Coat. I this a durable top coat that lenghtens my nailpolish wear.
Lastly I spray my nails with OPI Rapid Dry. This makes them dry much faster!

So that is my routine! What is yours?