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Layering Demeter Fragrances!

Nothing is better than trying scents that combine and smell better together.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to try out some new Demeter scents ($20 CDN).  
The mission of the Demeter Fragrance Library is to expand the use of fragrance, each day, everywhere.

The Demeter frangrance library has over 250 scents to choose from. 
Varying from everyday things such as baby powder to the bizarre such as holy water.

I've been having fun doing different experiments to get my own customized scent.
Through trail and error, I have noticed that if things go together in real life and don't make you gag-
Then it makes a good layered scent.

Trust me on this one!

 I could have vanilla cookies (Vanilla cookie dough) and drink pink lemonade!
VoilĂ  la! A sweet scent for spring/summer.

I could also be smelling roses with the sunshine beaming on my face!
Why not try Sunshine & Rose together?
Another great combo which I'll probably use in the Winter/Fall when I miss the Summer.

Remember these are combinations scents that work for me. 
It's possible that it won't smell the same on you because we have different natural oils.

I should also add that these scents are made of 95% natural ingredients - So stock up!

Demeter Fragrance Library- Holiday Scents

I have a very keen sense of smell.
Honestly, sometimes it can be a big pro or a con.
Whether it's the scent of fresh cinnamon buns or a fish market, I can smell it a mile away! 
Scents always bring back a flood of memories for me.
Good or Bad..hahaha.

Demeter Fragrance Library is the perfect way to relive those good scents.

The Demeter Fragrance Library consists of more than 250 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. These are simple, friendly and familiar scents, scents inspired by the beautiful smells that surround us everyday, adjusted to be both recognizable and wearable.

Here are three scents to add to your collection for the holidays:

- Demeter's Egg Nog is a delightful, creamy, concoction with touches of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon. Irresistible anytime. 
- Demeter's Christmas Bouquet A swirl of Holiday flowers without even a touch of green. The heart of this fragrance is made from natural carnations, which give it a unique spiciness and creaminess. Flowers are always a popular part of any Christmas celebration, but they are usually chosen for color, to add a “look” to the celebration. 
- Today Demeter captures that wonderful scent of the Christmas Tree for you to enjoy all year around. Use the room spray to recreate that wonderful Christmas spirit and to evoke memories of Christmases past any time of year.
These scents are smell exactly like the names on the bottle. Out of the three scents, Christmas Bouquet was my favourite because it's light and not overpowering. You can spray it on yourself before going out or spray in a room as a refresher. I should also add that these Pick-me-up Colognes are 95% natural. Perfect for the eco conscious shopper!

What scent would you like to see in the fragrance library?