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It's my four year blog anniversary!

I can't believe it's been four years already!

Honestly, time flies by so quickly. I started this blog as something to do (to improve my writing). I would have NEVER known that it would have gotten me some of the most amazing opportunities. Whether it was sitting front row at World Mastercard Fashion week or having dinner with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann of OPI Products Inc. I'm beyond blessed to say that this is something I do and love. Thank you all for commenting, reading & sharing each and every post I do. You're not obligated to do it but you do it.

2013 is my year to make Spiced Beauty a better/stronger beauty outlet.
One day, I dream that I can take this further and maybe it can be my full-time job but I know we all have to start out somewhere. To celebrate I will be having a few giveaways this month from some of my FAVOURITE companies that I have featured this year.

As usual, I am open to hearing about what you want to see more from me?
Do you want more outfits? Makeup looks? Lifestyle posts? Swatches?
Whatever it may be please let me know below.

To conclude all I have to say is Thank you!

Camille McDonald Talks Beauty & Fashion at ANTMLiveCanada

Camille McDonald competed in America's Next Top Model ALL STARS (cycle 12). Her vibrant personality and confidence made her my favorite contestant on ANTM. Being that we are both born to Jamaican parents, I have always identified with her passion.  At America's Next Top Model Live Canada, I asked Camille to share details on her favorite beauty products and signature style!

Photo credit: mendesphotography

SB:What is your favorite must have product?
CM: There is a company called Revive sold at Neiman Marcus. Naomi Campbell swears by it! I think she uses it on her tights to prevent cellulite. The Revive face wash, toner and moisturizer are amazing!

SB: What are two beauty products can you not live without?
CM: The YSL liner is amazing. The navy blue is hard to find but it's great. Also there is a blush called Taj Mahal from NARS. It has a little bit of shimmer in it and it's orange, really great for woman of color. Highly pigmented so you use a very little of it.

SB:What is your signature style?
CM: My signature style is definitely sexy. A little bit of high fashion mixed with Caribbean cool.

I loved talking to Camile! She was sweet and definitely knew her beauty products. I wish her all the luck in the future. 

Lisa D'Amato Talks Beauty & Fashion at ANTM LiveCanada

Lisa D'Amato was the winner of America's Next Top Model ALL STARS. Her wild personality and amazing photos made her one the most "memorable" contestants on ANTM. At America's Next Top Model Live Canada, I asked Lisa to share details on her favorite beauty products and signature style!

Photo credit: mendesphotography
SB: What are you must have beauty products?
LMD: My must have beauty products are the things I have in my purse at all times. Pressed powder because I live in California and of course it gets really hot outside. Of course I love lip gloss and  lip stain. Also lotion because you want to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized. At the end of the day that's really important.

SB: What is your signature style?
LMD: I would say my signature style is a bit of a eclectic mix because I live in Hollywood, California. It's Lady Gaga, meets Mickey Avalon and Katy Perry. I always like to challenge myself with fashion. At the end of the day I'm daring and I know I can pull something off! Other people will then hopefully be inspired to take bigger chances.

SB: What do you love about Toronto?
LMD: Oh my god! What I love about T dot? It's the people, the spirit and the energy! It's amazing! I love it. I've been welcomed with such warmth.

I loved taking to Lisa on the pink carpet. She was fun and really friendly! Look out with my interview with Camille Mc Donald coming out later this week.