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My Favourite S/S’14 makeup look

As most of you all know, I'm apart of P&G #BeautyUnited. This month, we were given a very unique challenge. Pick a favourite S/S’14 Looking Glass look from here: Then do a DIY of your fave S/S’14 look!

We were given a Walmart gift card to get all the COVERGIRL, Pantene and Olay beauty products needed to complete the  look.

I choose a look called PLAIT PLEASE.
**I have braids in- so I couldn't complete the hair component but it didn't stop me from doing the makeup portion**

I loved the golden/bronze eyes combo with the pink lips. Perfect look to recreate on my skin tone. 
Plus the gloss is onboard with the latest spring trends.

Quick & Easy Halloween Look

In my final year of college, I did a PSA. Since it was a individual project and I didn't have a makeup artist. I decided to do my own “special effects” makeup. Using my mama's red lipstick, broken black shadow,  I made do!

Here is a recreation of the look:

1. Blend out red lipstick on you face in the areas that you want to look "bruised". I used Annabelle Cosmetics retractable lipstick crayon in “Flirtini”.

2. Dab a matte black eyeshadow over the lipstick lightly.Avon “Wrapped in Velvet” eyeshadow palette has a great matte black.

3. OPTIONAL* We need blood! Get a deep plum gloss and apply to areas that need an extra ooph!  I used Burt Bee’s Lip Shine in “Smooth”

Is this a look that you would try?