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World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week: Backstage Maybelline Beauty Pavoni

If you're into bold looks this day would defiantly be for you!
 The Pavoni makeup look was all about the eyes!

"Glam girls gone a bit Goth"
 To get the look:
Red lipstick on the eye up the way up pass the crease to the brows.
Black liner under the eye & on the lid.
Finish off with a nude glossy lip.

I love that picture!
The Redken team did a great job with the Pavoni hair. 
The look was a left part with a corn roll along the front hair line.
Lastly, the hair was twisted back.

This hairstyle can easily be taken off the runway into everyday life.

Products Used:
Fabricate 03
Power Grip 02
Fashion Works 12
Shine Flash 02

Stay tuned for coverage of Pink Tartan & David Dixon!