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You don't want your giveaway prize?? NEW ANNABELLE WINNERS

I know that title is deep but that's exactly how I feel right now. Excuse my grammar and punctuation it's past 1:00am. I recently had a giveaway for my 2nd Bloggerversary and the turn out was amazing!

All my giveaways are a combination of either from my pocket or sponsored by a company. They are also specific for my readers. There is millions of blogs out there and I want to support the individuals who support me! It's times are hard. Who doesn't want a little extra in their stash *shrug*

Moving issue is the lack of involvement from the winners. If your not interested in the prices WHY PARTICIPATE?!? One yes only ONE of my three winners contacted me for prizes..HUH?!?

It's not just me..I am hearing this from several blogs lately.. I refuse to stalk someone who does NOT what the prize.

So if your planning on entering my anyone of giveaway's and not claiming your prize..PLEASEEEE DO NOT ENTER!!

On to a happier note congrats to my NEW your addy, so I can mail you your goodies :)
I used There was 186 entries.

Entry 156
amy band


Entry 14

*** My rant was totally not intended to be malicious at all..***