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Something New: THANN Cosmetics Rice lipbalm & Cleansing Milk

I recently got the opportunity to try out a all-natural, free of all parabens, colors and fragrances line called THANN. Their products are the exciting new eco-conscious choice for savvy consumers.

THANN Cleansing Milk:  Nano Shiso extract, Organic Jojoba & Moringa seed oil effectively removes color cosmetic residue and impurities, while protecting skin from harmful environment. Suitable for all skin types and does not cause skin irritation.

Although this product sounds good I had to put it through the Spiced Beauty Test.

I put a full face of makeup on my arm to show you guys how it works. From L to R: Lipstick, Foundation, Mascara, Blush, Lip liner & Liquid Eyeliner.
 I squirted a medium sized amount then rubbed in a circular motion.( As per the bottle)
 Wiped of the excess with a cotton pad.
Then I rinsed off my arm with warm water(As per the bottle)
Super Clean arm :)
Thann Rice extract lip balm: A soft and smooth texture of lip balm enriches with natural plant extracts that moisturizes and nourishes the lips. Rice bran oil contains Vitamin E that anti free radical. Aloe moisturizes the lips and has anti-inflammatory property. Shea Butter moisturizes and forms a water-repellent film to prevent moisture loss. Paraben Free with no artificial color or fragrance.
I love the lip balm because it "waterproof" I don't have apply it regularly. I usually wear it under my matte lipsticks but it can also be worn alone.

I will add that these products are a bit pricey for the regular "drug store" consumer. If you all willing to invest in all-natural hair, skin and body care that is free of all parabens check out THANN.