Leslie Blodgett's 'Bare Skin' Perfume Launched today at Sephora!

Who is Leslie Blodgett you ask?

She is the CEO of Bare Escentuals!! Yup, Bare Escentuals which is Hugely popular because of it's mineral make up line!

'Bare Skin' is her very own collection of unforgettable fragrances created exclusively for Sephora. Leslie was inspired by her most cherished childhood memories and life experiences.

I love the fact that each is one inspired by the pages of her own diary. Memories from family vacations at faraway places to the ocean breezes of her youth, every spritz tells a story.

So go to SEPHORA and check it out!!


  1. I wonder how this will smell like, I find most perfumes are too strong for my sensitive nose.


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