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Fab face of the Day- Rihanna

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love all of Rihanna looks! They can range from feminine to rocker chic.

Two things I've noticed about Rihanna is:
- Lashes
- Bronzer


Do you like Rihanna looks?
 These pics are from Teen Choice award 2010 


  1. I've always rated her MU, but I really don't like her current skunk-a-like hairstyle.

  2. I wasn't a fan of the blonde when she first got it, but lately it's been looking nice!

  3. Vex: Thanks for the comment! The hair is growing!
    Chels: I know! loves it!
    Rai: Me too!
    Sofia: Ye their fab!

  4. Gorgeous! I adore bronzer! :)

  5. I love this. I want to do my hair like this...

  6. yeahh i love hpw bronzed her skin is!
    does it take a great MUA for her cheek contouring or she has nice cheekbone?hehe

  7. Olivia: Me too!
    Kim: Ye.. I wanna cut my hair again
    Vanilla: Probably a bit of both lol

  8. I love this look and love Ri Ri, she always looks so fab!

  9. Love her! Great style & makeup.. Unique style as hair as well..

  10. I love seeing pictures of Rihanna, I love the way she dresses and her hair is so fab!


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