Aging Gracefully- Fab face of the day

I love seeing celebrites who are 40 or (39) in Jada Pinkett Smith case  looking amazing!

Honestly she has NO evidence of plastic surgery or wrinkles. At 25 I could pass for 17/18, so I hope a face like this is in my future.

The key component which makes this look so fab is dark smokey eyeliner, nude lips & the gorgeous bronzed skin!

Also that outfit is fab..If I could walk in heel I'd steal those shoes!! LOL

Ladies are you feeling this look?


  1. Jade is so gorgeous!
    Not a hint of ageing even when she's not wearing makeup!

  2. She looks gorgeous as always. I'm loving the look!

  3. She looks more & more amazing every year, & her body is killer!


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