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Storage Ideas for my MAC- Part 1

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Since I knew I was going to the MAC Warehouse sale on Sunday; I decided to go and get a clear storage to prepare.

I thought it was perfect for my white IKEA desk. The handles on the doors got

I started to fill the bottom with a quarter of my MAC shadows and pigments.. I have to depot these ones.. (If you have a great depotting video or post please leave it below.)

This is slowly filling up.. LOL. I will update you all with my progress in a few weeks!


  1. great set of drawers! looks like you did some damage at the MAC sale lol. I have similar drawers but don't have those cool handles!

  2. Love it! wow, after depotting, you are going to clean up on back to MAC! Thanks for sharing

  3. Buy Me Something! Buy Me Something! Lucky You!

  4. I'm always so jealous. Are they having one around the time of the IMATS? Then I'll be in town! :)

  5. yayyyyyyyyy Mac I want sum damn Mac:(

  6. :O
    all that MAC! my collection consists of like 5 items. lol. i gotta step my shadow game up. i keep must stuff in those little pull out drawers too.

  7. I need me some Mac LOL I wanna visit Tdot next year!

  8. Loving the bins hon. You racked up!

    I have a depotting post here It's for NYX but I use the same method for my MAC.


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