Day 2: V-day Lip Fusion of Color Fuji lip gloss

This post is for the girls who thought that my Day 1 V-day lip post was too I toned it down by only using a red gloss from Fusion of Color.

Fuji is a sheer red gloss with a bit of a sparkle.
For reference I only used about 3 coats. 

Sheer Gloss
$13.85 on Fusion of Color website
Its currently in stock.
Staying power:
Pretty good.. little to no damage on your date because it's sheer :D

Would you wear this color? Why or why not?


  1. this is such a sheer red. :) it looks natural. ;)

  2. very pretty,Im loving it hun!

  3. I would def wear this shade because its sheer but still gives your lips a pretty glow!
    Thanks for sharing xo


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