Fusion of Color Sunburn Lipgloss + Swatches

This is the only baby pink lip post your getting from me.. LOL. Unfortunately I can't do the ever so popular Nicki Minaj Pink..so I decided to get a light pink gloss.

Sunburn is a baby pink gloss.
This is a perfect light/ soft pink for all skin tones!

Sheer Gloss
$13.85 on Fusion of Color website
Its currently in stock.

Would you wear this color? Why or why not?


  1. looks pretty on u hun,love it. I would totally rock that colour coz I love pink&its pretty

  2. That looks gorgeous on you! :) I just recently started getting into colors like that and I love it.

  3. I'd rock it! It looks beautiful on you, that's why. LOL


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