How I cleared my skin up last year!

My skin care story hasn't always been that smooth. Pun *intended* I had really clear skin up until my early 20's. When I hit my middle 20's it got a little rocky. I didn't have extreme breakouts like some people I know but it was enough to make me feel self conscious. In 2016, was probably my best year skin care wise. Here are the four main factors which I think changed everything.

I was introduced to two brands: Cerave and OleHenriksen. This really gave me the opportunity to toggle between gentle and more "aggressive" skin care. Cleansers: Anything foaming was my favourite. CeraVe foaming facial cleanser ($14.97 CAN) was super gentle but effective. Also fragrance free!


I think using a toner has changed my life for the better. Ole Henriksen Fountain of Truth Facial Water ($28.00 CAN) is the truth! A toner is used to replenish nutrients/minerals back into the skin after removing makeup and cleansing. Back in the day, I use to apply it to a cotton ball and apply it. Now- two mists and I'm ready to GO! Let it soak in. Then apply serum/ moisturizer.


💦 water
I've upped my water intake.
Thanks to my husband for the awesome Starbucks Tumblr ($22.95 US)


Aggressively treat
As a blogger, I've had the opportunity to get some amazing facials. One of my best facials was from surprise....surprise OleHenriksen. You guys know as a wife and business owner I don't have the time to always step out and visit a spa but the Power Bright™ 3-Step Professional Brightening System ($66.00 CAN) This amazing! So easy but effective. 


I think my next steps will be spot lightening but I need to do more research to see what will work for me without bleaching my skin. Do you have a spot lightening treatment that is your fave? 
Share it below!


  1. The melting cleanser I gave my cousin as a gift and she loves it so I really want to try it now for myself :) So far for brighten I really like the fresh brighten moisturizer maybe in their line they might have something for you

  2. I looooove ole henriksen products! Their cleansing gelee is one of my fav products that I've tried. I like the idea of a misting toner. This calls to lazy soul like good food 😂. I wanna check out the cerave cleanser. I want a good, gentle, drugstore alternative. Such a good post!


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