under 16.00 Forever21 styling!!

Hey girlies!

I'm back again. I've had these pics stored on my cpu for a minute. My next styling with be H&M styling. I will do Everyday/business/crazy casual(there divided section). So they tuned for that because H&M is 70% of my closet..lol. Anyways back to forever21!

So yea..lets talk prices. These were all on SALE!!

HAT(Claires)= $3.50
TOP(Forever21)= $4.99
Earring(Dollar Store)=$1.00

I won't lie i'm working that highwaisted jeans! But I do feel they make your bum look flat at times..lol.

Anyways let me know whats up girlies <3


  1. Didn't you make a youtube video on this?
    lol. I remember seeing it.

    F21 has some good sales.
    I don't have an H&M. =[

  2. i miss H&M I don't have one in Fl here, but I used to go to that store when I lived in NY and MA =( It's an awesome store for trendy but cheaper items

  3. OOOhhh what a bargain but u still look like a million dollar!!!

  4. i like it ..i need to get a F21 here dammit... i have outfits from them though...

  5. :(
    why don'y you guys got these stores. My f21 is kinda far.. well toronto. and my H&M is across the street!

  6. Jenn hun you totally scored! Those pants are so amazing on you! Your hips make me jealous...your figure is so sexy!

  7. H&M isn't everywhere in the states, Jenn.


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