Hugeeeee MAC haul part 1 of

Hey Girlies,

I am doing this in pieces because there is sooo much stuff!
I hauled like no other. I deserve it!
Shoot I work 2 jobs.I am back in school part time...
MUST I go on..
Also i'm sick so if I do this in pieces I can upload it quicker!
Also please don't ask me about prices...because I won't answer..

Ok so I got to the sale @ 10:05 am and I didn't get in until 11:15 am.
That line was no joke.

So I got no foundations...I am not a foundation girl. But I got 2 blushes and 1 mineralize skinfinishes.
Aren't they sooo lovely!! OMG!! I honestly take them out and look at them
There were no full size brushes except the 209 and 205.

Mac 205's a mascara brush. i tried it and it's pretty cool!!

umm part 2 will be up soon!
if not today definetly tomorrow!

as for the selling I did buy extras and when I start feeling better I am going to post everything..
For now I know I am going to sell the mac 205 mac 209.

I dunno bout prices yet. But I'll get back to you guys soon.


  1. I wished I could get a MAC discount. lol

    I do not own a single MAC brush.

  2. I hear you girlie..
    Canada doesn't have CCO's so the sale helps alot.

    believe it or not I don't have alot of mac brushes.

    I have the 227 209 205 and a fake

  3. CCO isn't everywhere in the U.S. so I'm still unlucky. lol

    haha @ fake brush! From ebay?

  4. I never knew that..
    I thought it was everywhere. We don't even have one here :|

    The fake 187 was a present from a make up alley

  5. Your site is cool! I'll def. be back!

    Rae Byuel


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