I ordered some E.L.F Studio stuff from the Makeup Mix Shop. I know alot of people are wondering why didn't I order from E.L.F's website??!?!
It was cheaper to get the free shipping from the Makeup Mix Shop ...

Everything was packaged carefully :)
I got:
  • E.L.F Studio Brush Care
  • Single "Amethyst"
  • Single "Sand Dollar"
  • Single "Pebble"
  • Single "Wild Wheat"
  • Studio "Matifying Powder"
I loveeee Amethyst. I will do a look with it soon :)

The Brush Case unzipped. It's really sleek..and can be wiped down if there is a mess on it.This is a picture of the Matifying Powder with no flash. It's really peachy so I have to try it out on my skin tone :|
If you want to know anything about these products let me know :)


  1. Cute!! Love the pic by the way. Awww.. Awesome haul!

  2. I love what u got I have amethyst and sand dollar..I love amethyst too,,but I dont really like sand dollar let me know how it works for u :D ur look is so pretty I love ur smile!!

  3. Jasmin- Thanks hun!

    Sofee- Thanks! I'll post the rest of the pics from that day soon!

  4. Love the haul. nice brush case. :)

  5. Hey I voted for you the other day but didnt know they let people vote everyday :) goodluck and I`ll vote again!

  6. Nice haul! I still haven't tried that translucent powder.

    I've been voting for you girl! :)

  7. amethyst is so pretty, I had to get it and I really love it, that quality is not bad either, I might get some more

  8. i just ordered some ELF...I can't wait to get it!!! and by the way, voted for you...didn't even know you needed votes...I'll try to remember to vote for you the next couple of days!! Hope you win!!!!
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