Hi Girlies,

It's been a few days since I pumped some love into this blog..I'm so sorry.

Earlier in September I had the opportunity to attend that invite only MAC Sale. This time was probably my least favorite one because it was UTTER madness in there. Shit it was hot outside,alot of people and there was BEES up in the sale! Yes you heard my ass bees..EWWW!

Anyways on to what I got!

This super CUTE, Fashionable and trendy MAC traincase for $30.00!!
The lady who works there said they cases are over $100.00 each so I got a great deal!

This is inside of the case. You can't see it but it has a huge mirrior with MAC on it and a removal compartment on top!

 Eyeshadows (10 shadows and 1 pigment)
Deep Shade
Glamour check!
2 knight
2 100 strokes
Femme Fi
A little folie
MEGA RICH pigment
Bobbi Brown Bonfire 2

Blush in "Plum Du Bois"
Iridescent Powder  "Belightful"
136 Brush
Burn't Orange Pot
Estee Lauder Make up remover


Lips + Face
Hello Kity Lipglass Dreamy 
Slimshine Think Tan
Slimshine Grenadine
Glaze Lipstick Bubbles
2 NC20 Studiostick concealer (if your interested in these HOLLA)


3 pairs of number 20 lashes
brushes 212, 187, 168, 275, 219 (I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE!)
DKNY & SEAN JOHN stuff for the BF

Close up of the lashes..I'm so In LOVE!

I also got a little bag for lipglosses & lipsticks!

This is everything I hope you enjoyed my big haul! Msg me if you have any questions :)


  1. Wow, what a lot of great things you got!!!!! I'm waiting for a couple of shipments of makeup that i've ordered!!! Can't wait to do a 'haul' on my blog!!!!!
    Loved everything you got!!! (i really loved the case!!! and what a deal!!!)


  2. Love the haul!! So many great goodies. Lucky you getting to go there, but sucks about the bee's. I bet it was crazy there too!

  3. Fab haulage! Did you say there were BEES in there?!! LOL

  4. Great haul girl! That traincase is too cute!

  5. great the tiny brush set!!

  6. nice stuff!! how did you get an invite?

  7. Ohhh the little bag is gorgeous!

  8. I'm jealous of your huge haul!!! lol
    I love that blush, it's so pretty!

  9. i'm gonna go to the one in december :D this time i won't go so early, last time we were stuck outside for 1 hour and it was FREEEEEEZING! what was your free gift? and great haul!

  10. This is freaking lucky!

  11. sweet haul! that case is beautiful. LMFBO @ "bees". thnx 4 sharing

  12. I'd be interested to see how much it would have originally cost, like the grand total, versus how much you got it all for.
    Thanks. =)


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