My Smooth Way incident

Please beware of this product!

It has alot of positive claims like:
  • Works great on sensitive areas and also exfoliates as it removes the unwanted hair, leaving skin silky and luxurious.
  • This painless hair removal product.

Here is the areas that it can be used on


I would NOT recommend this for your face..Especially if you have sensitive skin..
I tried this on my face and I burnt it..YES you heard me BURNT it!!

I did everything it said and right after it starting BURNING...
I didn't know what to do I started to wash it with soap and it burnt more!
Plus it was RED as hell...I'm black my lip shouldn't look like that!!
This happened Tuesday's now Thursday and you can see little burn looks like rug burn :(


  1. Yikes! That sucks.

    I've been voting for you though.

  2. Accckkkk!!! I have this, but have not used it on my face.. Doesn't it smell like it too? I used it for a 2 months on my legs & I did not like the burnt smell. Hope it clears soon! Wooo! Voted!

  3. Oh gosh! I tried that about...last year? On my face and legs! They hurt sooo freakin much!!! And it lasted for DAYS! And I do not have sensitive skin AT ALL! Such horrible horrible claims they have....T.T

    I've voted btw!

  4. my aunt said smooth away thing sucked! & i voted for you. :] good luck!

  5. I voted. And that crap looks like it does NOT work!!!!!

  6. I Had the same problem!!!!
    And I've been voting for you, hope you win!!!!!

  7. Ouch!! God bless you for spreading the word! =)


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