Beyonce is soo fly!

Excuse her facial expression... I think she was feeling the music at that time or farting..LMAO

I love this outfit! BUT i'm little iffy on the boots & hat..

Off the shoulder tops are my favorite.. I am NOT a regular t-shirt girl.. so off the shoulder gives me that edge :)

Oh ye! I forgot to mention that the graphic print is a plus!!

Also you can never go wrong with a pair of cute denim shorts. I think those are a perfect length but I can see someone battling me on that one!

If I had to change something I would change the boots to gladiators & lose the hat!

Soo enuff about my views.. what do you think??
Would you wear it?
What would you change?


  1. LOL! I bet you didn't notice the words on her shirt, huh?

    I realized it before these other sites caught on.

  2. I'm not sure about the boots either, they look like soldier boots!

    I love her outfit. Her shirt is gorgeous, and her shorts... =D But I agree with you, my boyfriend would not let me wear shorts this short LOL

  3. Those boots have got to go!! A cute pair of sandals would have been better. Since shes at Coachella, she can keep the hat. Im not a fan of shorts, but if i had her legs I would def rock them.

  4. I really love her outfit! But I agree with you: those boots and the hat, I don´t know, I don´t like them too much.

  5. omg @ Rai i saw the Beyonce is gettin raunchy lol ..i would wear the outfit(the shorts are really short if u have seen other pics) minus the hat and boots

  6. I agree on those boots. Change them to gladiators, or those odd, short cowboys boots.

  7. the boots are hideous & i'm not a fan of those hats. but otherwise it's ok...not my fav outfit on B.

  8. LOL great comments ladies!
    I have to post more of these :)


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