Balmshell Beauty Bloggers Event

Last week I attended Balmshell's Beauty Bloggers event. By now you should all be familiar with Balmshell because I have done a review of their glosses in March. Click here to read it.

Quick Facts about Balmshell:
-Developed by Twin sisters Jennifer & Fiona
-A Canadian product
-Paraben Free
-Fun colors for all skin tones

This was such a fun event. We were able to swatch the products, give suggestions and mingle! Some girls I haven't seen since February, so this was a great opportunity to connect with them again and meet new girls. The Balmshell squad were really friendly, sweet and fabulous!

I'll be swatching some new goodies from the party soon :)

Enjoy the pictures!

 Yummy Goodies by Pretty Sweet

Close up of the cookies
Look at the detail!

Super cool Bartender!
Wine provided by Girls' Night out

Balmshell lippies & stain setup

Balmshell glosses setup for swatching

Gorgeous Balmshell squad

Beautiful Karyn & I

Beauty Bloggers / MUA: Lelo & Naomi

Beauty Bloggers: Arianne & Jenn

Check out Balmshell's website & blog

If you want some customized yummy goodies : Pretty Sweet


  1. Oh that looks like it was fun!

  2. WOAH! That bartender is totally handsome! hahahaha :) Thank you for the great blog Jenn!!! xoxo

  3. I wish I was there!

    Check out the blog!


  4. Kayvona: Thanks hun!
    Chels: It really was :)
    Karyn: Thanks hun! It was fun, thanks for inviting me!
    Daedae: Maybe next time :)

  5. looks like so much fun!! the setup is sooo cute!


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