My Holiday Scent is Candied Ginger from The Body Shop!

I've always had a soft spot for ginger. 

As an island girl I grew up with it in the house for every ailment. 

Stomach ache... ginger!
Nasuea... ginger!
Bloating... ginger!
I'm sure you get the point...

20+ years later and I'm surprisingly not sick of it!

I love the fact that Candied Ginger is not a raw ginger scent. It has a hint of sweetness.
Best described as a "fresh and zingy scent of ginger".

If you have the chance this Holiday swing by The Body Shop and check out Candied Ginger!

What is your current Holiday scent?


  1. Ahhhh you make it sound sooo yummy! I almost picked the body butter in my last The Body Shop haul but I resisted and played it safe with butters specifically designed for dry to very dry skin (damn eczema!)

  2. Mm, I love candied ginger and had no idea that The Body Shop carried a whole line. I have to check it out. My favorite holiday scents are cinnamon, peppermint, anything spicy actually... Ooh, and sweet!

    Happy holidays!

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  4. I got this set when it first came out--LOVE the box lid (planning on hanging it up as art) and the scent is lovely! I use alot of ginger for nausea as well so it's very soothing to me.

    Forgot to scent for tomorrow will be Harvey Prince Eau de's so awesome!


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