My view on extensions(weaves)+ Interview with Bella Dream Hair

I remember back in the day when wearing hair extensions(weave) was confusing for most. It was seen as a "black" thing and often looked down upon. Sewing, gluing or clipping in hair was too odd for some to grasp. I remember hearing words like "does that hurt" or "will it fall out" by individuals who clearly didn't get the concept. Fast forward to 2011 where in my opinion wearing extensions is the norm because of Hollywood.
 Source: google imagesKourney Kardashian getting some tracks of hair sewn in at her local Salon.

FYI: This is her real hair length.
 Source: google images

A lot of women are interested in gaining length quickly but don't understand that a cheap $20.00 pack from the local beauty store is not the key for long term. I got low down on 100% Human Hair Extensions from Bella Dream Hair.
"The difference between Bella Dream Hair and your local Beauty Supply Store is quality. The grade of hair is completely different" says Constance from Bella Dream Hair. "BDH offers pure virgin hair from donors. The hair is pure virgin human hair that can be dyed and styled as desired. Our hair will last you over a year if taken care of properly".

A year is a long time but I wanted to know more about how to maintain & treat the hair. Since it was my first time inquiring about this blend! "The hair life will honestly depends on the care the customer takes with their hair. If you apply heat and chemicals to your extensions it will damage it quicker. If you over treat your hair it will damage. This hair is no different then the hair on your scalp you MUST take care of it. If you don't deep condition your extensions then yes your hair will start to shed and fall out become dry and brittle just like your own would. A lot of women don't realize that just because you are wearing a weave does not mean you shouldn't care for your hair." says Constance.

 Source: google images
Those are some powerful words.

Honestly my skin cringes when I see Britney Spears. She needs some BDH love!

 Britney is the best segue into extension application. She is wearing fusions hair extensions. "Fusion is not for everyone again if done right it's great, a way you can wear your hair in versatile fashions but if done wrong it can damage your hair." Constance

 NOBODY wants the "Britney" look. So I asked about other methods!
"Bonding glue is nothing to be afraid of. If used properly it will not damage your hair at all. The problem is people that do not apply bonding glue in the appropriate spots. Glue is actually a Hollywood beauty secret and one of the best ways to use for extensions, but again that's if it's done properly. I have found that women wearing sewn in methods will cause more damage to your hair and scalp due to the tension braiding and sewing creates on your head. Again, braiding extensions on is another well done technique that can benefit a woman's hair growth as well as harm her hair if not done right. There are many methods available for women of every ethnicities."Constance

One of my favorites from her site was the Brazilian Curly.
"I've bleached it and dyed it a honey blonde. My curls bounce right back if I flat iron it straight. It curls beautifully and I must admit it is one of my all time faves."

I hope this helped anyone who is skeptic or curious about hair extensions.

I'd HONESTLY like to know what you think below.  So, please leave a comment :)


  1. Love this post! very informative. I been wearing weaves for years since my early teen years but it wasn't until recently maybe a year or two that I really got educated on weaves. Weaves, extensions(clip in, glue, bonding, etc) are the norm now. The same [white] girls who use to ask me, "how does it work" and, "so where is your real hair" are now asking me where they can buy good hair or if I can do it for them.

  2. I've worn them since around 2004, since my hair is super fine/thin. I use either glue-in or skin weft, though, way easier!

  3. Great post!! Wow is that all the hair Kortney has. Quality counts! I love the Brazilian do.

  4. great, super informative and detailed post. thanks so much for sharing :))

  5. wow really interesting info about hair etensions, i dont wear them but i have some slip ons i want to try =)

  6. This is an awesome post, me and my friend where JUST talking about weaves and stuff! lol

  7. omgggg Kourtney's hair is fake jeeze I had no idea lol neway hunnie happy new year n thx for being a great follower xoxoxo

  8. Oh that last picture the hair looks so soft!!

  9. I still get people saying :O That isn't your hair??? You can't even tell, how does it work? Scrutinizing my head.
    I get it all out show them my tracks and everything lol.

  10. Hair extensions can really do wonders to a girl's hair as long as the best quality is used and attachment is done properly.

  11. Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.


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