Beware online shopping!

About a few month ago I was cruising a blog and I found a hair product that really interested me. It was given a rave review from the blogger and I felt like it could possibly work for me. Even though I searched the internet for more reviews I didn't see any. But I did what any other reader would do.. I purchased a jar of this product.

After my transaction, I realized that I didn't get a receipt BUT the money was removed from my account.

Bizarre... but I told myself wait a bit because I really wanted the product. A week with no receipt went by and I sent them an email. I included my name, email, Paypal transaction number and date I purchased. I received NO answer.

I then sent another email inquiring about the product delivery. NO ANSWER.

To make a long story short. I filed a claim to Paypal. Paypal sent me a refund because the company did NOT respond back to Paypal.

They did respond back to me after a month with a sob story about how the website had errors...

I will tell you the product cost $7.99.. petty cash to some but honestly it's the principal.

I didn't write this to cause problems.. I didn't even put the bloggers name or company. I just want you all to pay attention to the online companies that you buy from. If something seems wrong please "speak" up. 

Also always use Paypal if you can! 

Do you have a story like this online shopping?


  1. that sucks!! im glad you got your money!!

  2. Smh! How irresponsible but in glad you got your refund.

  3. I've never had a problem with an online company, but I've had a few problems with swapping or purchasing from blog sales and stuff online.

    I usually always check feedback, and make sure that I get an invoice and pay through PayPal rather than gifting it.

    It's good that you got your $ back, but I probably wouldn't purchase from that site either.

  4. so glad that it was not more money. shame on that blog too

  5. Glad you got your money back Jenn. I bought some 'Bobbi Brown' brushes on ebay when I was first getting into makeup and they turned out to be fake. Luckily the sender refunded my money and let me keep the brushes.


  6. Thus terrible,glad u got ur money back. I personally haven't had problems purchasing online but have had mysterious pple trying to pay for their beauty purchases of ridiculous amounts with my card lol

  7. I totally agree! I recently started using PayPal and I'm glad I got on definitely want to protect yourself when doing any transaction online, ESPECIALLY with a business that's not established. Great post!

  8. Paypal is amazing! Great post and it is true, most of us do not share our problems with some companies.

  9. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that! I've had that problem with a few ebayers and also iheartredcherry... thank GOD for PayPal!!

  10. I had a very similar issue with one website too. I complained after not hearing back from the seller and was refunded my money. It's dangerous online shopping - maybe easy but there's also companies that will try and scam because some people don't bother to speak up.

    Sorry you went through that but good job with getting your money back (:

  11. Ohemgee that sucks! I'm glad that paypal refunded you!

  12. Sadly yes. This indie etsy store took my money, gave me lots of excuses for 45 days why my package wasn't mailed (though I was told it had been a few times--couldn't keep story straight). I finally had to file paypal to get my money back. I tried to leave feedback on their FB page--got FLAMED and she took down my negative review. So I did name her on my blog.

    Shopping is supposed to be fun and when all it does is create knots--something is NOT right. Sorry you had that experience!!

  13. crazy story!!! luckily I don't have any to share :))


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