The Body Shop Chocomania!

I'm soo excited to show you all the new The Body Shop Chocomania products
that come out on February 6!
We all know Valentine's Day is all about the chocolates, so of course I was all over this collection.
The only Calorie-free treat that has puts a smile on my face.

Check out the six piece collection!

Heart shaped Soap $4.00
These delicately fragranced heart-shaped soaps are perfect for cleaning in the shower or just keeping hands soft, cleansed and sweet-smelling.

 Body Butter $18.00
For when a light touch isn’t enough...a hit of rich, decadent
chocolate and luxurious fragrance, this Body Butter provides
48 hours of intensive moisturization.

Lip Butter $6.00
Soft and silky lips with an intensive, chocolate, creamy balm, it’s almost good enough to eat.

Shower Cream $8.00
Creamy body wash that leaves skin supple, cleansed and moisturized.
 Look at the consistency of the cream *faint*

Body Lotion $12.00
A sophisticated light cream body moisturizer with quick and gentle hydration for a silky, smooth finish. 

Body Scrub $18.00
For a smooth honeyed finish, step into the bath or shower with
this chocolate body scrub which provides expert exfoliation
leaving skin smooth and delicately fragranced.

I cant stop laughing at the picture of the body scrub! I couldn't wait to use it that I forgot to take a picture before.

What product would you like to try from this line?


  1. I'm so excited for this line! I plan on getting the body butter, the scrub and the lip balm.

  2. oohh! I must go check these out tomorrow at The Body shop...

  3. this is just wow i love following you

  4. I would like to try the lip butter, but all products are great!
    Should we follow ech other?


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