Maybelline Color Tattoo Review (Guest Post)

I have been on the hunt for a drugstore cream shadow that can be used as a base (much like a Mac paint pot) for ages. I have tried every cream shadow Shoppers Drugmart has to offer. These cream shadows are okay but they never truly stand up to my day-to-day lifestyle. I don’t live in a major metropolis so when I want to visit a Mac or a Sephora store I am looking at a good hour and a half to two-hour drive.

Which is why the other day I got very excited when I came a crossed a display in my local Shoppers. This display was very intriguing. Not unlike most of you I hadn’t heard anything about Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows. These little pots looked just like the Benefit creaseless eyeshadow packaging and felt a lot like a Make Up Forever aqua cream. I automatically pulled out my iPhone and Googled this these little beauty, but much to my surprise there wasn’t anything on the Internet that could help me.

So I did what any savvy beauty-loving girl would do. I bought three. There were nine colours to choose from at my Shoppers Drugmart.

05 – Too Cool (matte white)
10- Fierce & Tangy (matte tangerine orange)
20- Painted Purple (shimmery lilac purple)
25 – Bad to the Bronze (shimmery bronze)
30- Pomegranate Punk (shimmery burgundy)
35- Tough as Taupe (matte grayish beige)
40- Tenacious Teal (shimmery aqua blue)
45- Bold Gold (shimmery gold)
50- Edgy Emerald (matte moss green)

Left to Right (50 – Pomegranate Punk, 35- Tough as Taupe, 45 – Bold Gold)

I decided to go with Pomegranate Punk, Tough as Taupe and Bold Gold. When it comes to new cosmetics I like to play it safe. The first thing I can tell you is this product has a nice consistency. Its soft and creamy but dries to a powder-like finish. The colours are in the collection are very wearable and yet Maybelline seemed to have a bit of fun also. For me the true test of any cream shadow is how it applies. With most drugstore shadows you are stuck using your finger for application. Which is fine but if you want a precise look it ends up looking a bit messy. The Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows have the ability to be used with a brush as well as finger application.

Left side finger swatched, Right side brush swatched

When it comes down to wearability I put this product to the test at the two jobs I work at. The one was wearability at an office and the other was wearability at a restaurant. In an office setting this eyeshadow worked rather well as a base or as an all over lid colour. There was minimal creasing and the colour stayed true throughout my 8-hour day. As for at the restaurant when I am a waitress, this shadow was only good as a base. As an all over lid colour it started to run and crease near the heat lamps unless it was set with a powder eyeshadow. I also found that the one matte shade (Tough as Taupe) I purchased had a better staying power that the other two shimmery colours.

All in all seeing as this is a drugstore product that costs $9.99 and I don’t have to take a crazy road trip to get it. I’d give the product 8/10. I deducted a point for the fact that most of the shades are shimmery (I would have liked to see more matte shades and in lighter colours). I also deducted a point for the intolerance to heat (I would not wear this as an all over lid colour to a club).


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