My Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Experience

I try my best to be up on the latest nail art and innovations.
On December 1, I had the opportunity to try out Bio Sculpture Gel Nails.
Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Applied onto a prepared nail our product cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish.
Whenever it gets cold, my nails start to chip. I will admit, I do not take enough care as I should to prevent breakage. As you can see here my nails are REALLY uneven. Before my appointment, I cut my nails down to a manageable length.

I decided to get sculpted gel extensions added to my nails and I loved the outcome.
I've never had any type of process done to my nails before but it was safe!
No dust or horrible smelling chemicals needed.

Does that look sooo natural!
My favourite part about the process was how there were no drills! That was my biggest fear.. 
I didn't want my nails to be filed down so thin that they would lose their strength. 
It's hard to explain but people who have had acrylics done know exactly what I'm talking about.

After the extensions were applied, we started the colour process. Non-chip Nail Colour Gel was applied to each nail. The colours come in pot as seen above. I was surprised to know that they have OVER 100 colours to choose from!

Finished Outcome!
I'm all about the crazy nails and so was my nail tech. Sooo we had a little fun!

I got a lot of compliments on my crazy marble nail. Can you believe she did it free hand!
No water or decals. That's talent!

I loved the shine and durability of the nails. I work with my hands a lot and things which would usually break a nail.. didn't! A huge selling point for me would be how natural looking the extensions were. She had a mix that looked like my natural nail colour.

My only con would be the length that I got. I choose the length- so I'm not blaming anyone for what happened to some of the nails. Just like with my natural nails when they get to long they start to break at the sides. That happened to three of nails because my natural nails grow like weeds! Nobodies fault but myself. I totally tried to push the boundries. Next time, I'll stick to a comfortable length.

I should also add that they sell the matching nail polish for any colour you get! So once your gel colour starts to grow out add your "same"colour polish over it and it will look just like new!

Interested in getting Bio Sculpture nails? Contact Bio Sculpture Customer Service at: 1-877-424-6435 ext 80 for a salon anywhere in Canada which does it.


  1. Your nails look amazing I like that its safe no drill and other stuff. I remember I tried gel nails once for my 16th birthday. I liked them at first until it was time for them to come off and I decided I would never get gel nails or any fake nails again because I didn't like how my nail got after but my nail bounced back to normal fast. This post changes my mind, your nails look awesome! Happy New Year Jennifer!

  2. Oh wow looks great x

  3. thanks so much for following, your nails are so cool. The colors are amazing and it's great to have fun with nails and be adventurous. They look so natural too..

  4. I need to try a different lady to apply the Bio Sculpture Nails. There is another one close by. Mine were such a fail! I really love how natural they look. I NEED to try again!

  5. Wow these look absolutely amazing!! I love them!! XxxX


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