My GetGelled Manicure Bar Experience

Recently, I had the most fun ever at a nail bar. 
As crazy as it seems, I can count the times I've had fun at a nail bar on one hand.

The place I'm talking about is called Get Gelled! Manicure bar.
A new, cute and modern place located in the Yonge/Bloor area.

I was recently contacted by Sun (owner) to see if I was interested in one of their services. After looking at her portfolio I knew I had to come in. I'm obsessed with nail art! I never got the opportunity to get it done in my area because nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about. Sun knew exactly wanted!

Here is the finished outcome!

Close-up of my nails

Unfortunately, I lost the bow today :( 
It was a lovely seven days...haha.
This totally gives me the opportunity to go back again!

If you're in the area check out Get Gelled! Manicure Bar.


  1. wow! that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I was just about to ask how you got the bow to stay on. My bow wouldn't have made it an hour out of the salon! LOL!!

    LOVE the design and that coral-y pink! YES!

    Pretty Girl Rock Blog

  2. Wow amazing nails, I love the bow its so cute!

  3. omg I totally know what you mean by nail techs not knowing what your talking about. I tried to go into a nail salon and get something similiar to yours and the lady had no idea what i was talking about, like come on don't they go on pinterest and see all the cute nail art????? hahaha

  4. Oh my gah,love ur nails so beautiful babes! Love that first pic of u so nice

  5. I Must try this place . It looks lovely. Are their prices reasonable ?

  6. ur mani is gorgeous!! :) x loving the red/coral shade.

  7. I noticed your nails at the premiere and wanted to mention it but got caught up lol anyway love the close up~ really liking the alternate nails~

  8. Your mani is so pretty. Love how the bow decal adds the prefect little touch

  9. Pretty! I love how you pamper yourself! I havent been to nail shop in years. My cowirkers get gel nails. My nails are superstrong. I just do my own manis since I chg polish so often. Great post!

  10. So lucky! No one knows about nail art in my area either. I love the bow!


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