AVON Nail Art Design Strips Review

Nail Art is really popular right now. Sometimes you don't have to ability or patience to get the look that you want. My answer is always nail stickers when I am in a bind. In July, Avon will come out with a unique bunch of nail stickers called AVON Nail Art ($10.00). Probably the most intricate designs that I've seen in a while.

• Create salon-style nail art at home with no dry time!
• Dress up your nails with the hottest new appliqués.
• Easy on, easy off nail fashion.
• Won’t smudge or rub off.
• 18 nail strips.

I fell in love with a nail sticker called the Bows For You. It's a deep navy blue with little diamonds which form a bow. Out of all the appliqués I've done, this one gave me the most compliments because of the details. I would be in meeting and I'd have to stop and explain my nails because people were staring!

Let's get started on the application:
All the stickers are on a clear background and you have to put your nail underneath the measure which sticker would work for you. I prefer my nail stickers to be individually wrapped because I feel like its easier to measure which size fits my nail. I usually cut around the sticker strips off in to little blocks so I can determine which size works best.

On to the removal:
When I removed the stickers for the first time it was very tricky! They pretty much rolled up on me and I didn't know what to do. Patience is definitely a virtue with these because if you go fast you'll end up messing up a full hand. When filing your nails, I would recommend using a file that is pretty dull. If the file is fresh, it's rough on the tips. Please see below- First hand the sizing was off.
They lasted a long time. The only thing that I had was some wear on the tip which I expected.

The Removal:
Really easy! All I did was peel them off and soak my nails. I looked underneath and it did not take any of my nail enamel with it which that is a really good thing.

I wish that I had gotten the hang of these earlier. Next time I'm definitely going to go slower, use a dull nail file and measure up each nail ahead of time so I do not mix of any sizes.

Do you like this design?


  1. I really like the bow design. It's pretty.

  2. Good tip about using a dull file. When I used the stickers before I didn't read the instructions and used the wrong side of the file -___- It does make a huge difference. Anyway they are cute, and I love you stopped to explain them :)


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