Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Line

I was blessed to have clear skin for 23 years. While everyone was going through bad break outs in their teens, I was living a "pimple-free" life.

Once I turned 24, I started to get small break outs once a months. As odd as it seems when you get them when your older, it's embarrassing to get them.

Although it's less than a week long, you have no idea where the next one would turn up. I'm always looking for products to use during that time. I try to switch my skin care schedule around that week just so I can shorten the duration of the break out.

Two products that I have been trying is from Avon's clearskin line! When I was younger- I was obsessed with the line. I loved that blue scrub that they had.

Right now, I introduced their Clearskin® Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub  ($6.49 US) & Clearskin® Pore Penetrating Cooling Toner ($5.49 US) into my routine.

The scrub is really good. The perfect scrub to use when your face is a little sensitive. Formulated with Eucalyptus Extract & Witch Hazel to cleanse and refresh. Lifts away pore-clogging dirt and excess oil. I usually put it on and let it dry- like in the picture. Then take a little water to "reactivate it" then wash it off.

Then a take a cotton pad and apply the cooling toner. First starting on the problem areas then working my way around. I love this because it doesn't leave my face dry like other toners.

These are a definite a must have! 

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