Canadians! Moroccanoil Launches Innovative E-Commerce

I remember when it was difficult to get your hands on Moroccanoil products in Canada. 
You could either A) get it shipped from USA which resulted in high duty fees or B) Take a trip to Buffalo. 
Beginning July 1, 2013 (Canada Day), customers within Canada can now visit the official website,, and make fully authorized purchases from the entire range of hair and body care products. Designed to attract sales away from unauthorized online vendors, the brand’s e-commerce initiative features an innovative profit-sharing platform that rewards all facets of the distribution channel: whenever a customer purchases a hair care product, they will have the option to select from a list of participating salons that will benefit from a percentage of each sale. If a client chooses not to select a salon during their purchase, the closest Moroccanoil Loyalty Salon to their address will automatically be credited with the sale. The client is also sent a list of five Moroccanoil salons closest to their location along with their order. There are now hundreds of salons in Canada that are part of the Moroccanoil Loyalty Salon Program, which continues to grow rapidly.
As a Canadian, it's amazing to get access to e-comm sites that cater to us.
Deciding what to get on the site? 
Check out my wishlist!
Do you have any Moroccanoil favourites?


  1. WHATTTTT!!! This is awesome!! You just made my day! LOL
    Idk about you, but when I first tried Moroccan oil, I thought it was easy to get my hands on... (This being like 8 yrs ago) Then, all of a sudden it got EXTREMELY popular, and has since been extremely hard to find just the regular Moroccan OIL. This will make everything so much easier!!! (I am also Canadian.)
    THANK YOU!!!
    Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

  2. I've never tried the brand before, but maybe I will :)


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