Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin + Let's Talk Underarms

Don't let the lingering snow or flurries outside fool you.
Spring is here!

Are you ready?
As you prepare to dust off your favourite flats and take out your spring/summer wardrobe out of your drawers- have you thought about your underarms?

I know it's odd question ask but did you know that your underarm skin is a very sensitive. I was find it’s one of those body parts that hardly gets enough attention. It could be because 8 out of 12 months it's usually covered up under bulky sweaters and jackets.

I didn’t even know that factors such as perspiration, hair removal or event tight clothing can cause damage to your underarms. These are all factors that I know we partake in at least once a week!

I know this is a bit of TMI but as a bride to be the condition of my under arms is very important to me. They need to be in their best shape ever next year! Especially if they will be making appearences in pictures! Haha!

I’m getting a head start with the new Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-SkinTM/MC line ($2.99 CAN). I’m so happy to tell you that it’s available in stick (45 gram) and roll on (50 mL). For me, I gravitate towards the roll on when I’m wearing long sleeves and the stick when I’m wearing short/sleeveless.
It's moisturizing and has a pleasant scent. 

Each anti-perspirant has Vitamin E and skin conditioning moisturizers plus keeps you protected for 24 hours. Did you know Vitamin E is known to improve skin conditions over time.

Nourish your delicate underarm skin without sacrificing the
protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant:

· Contains Vitamin E and skin conditioning emollients
· Formula contains over 30% skin conditioning agents
· Extra-effective wetness protection
· 24 hour efficacy in an invisible formula
· Fresh new scent

Want to try it for yourself? 
Here is a coupon.

How do you take care of your underarms?

*This is a sponsored post*

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  1. I'm so glad you posted on underarm care since its so important. Also, lady speed stick is my go to deodorant.


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