Summer time prep: Legs Edition

Okay ladies the hibernation period is over!
I do have a question for you.. Do you wax or shave?

I know that there are other methods to remove hair but the two most popular ones are waxing or shaving. Both of them have their pros and cons.

 If I'm crunched on time I would definitely go with shaving but if I'm going 
somewhere for prolonged time like a beach vacation- I would definitely wax.

Here two new products that are coming out that you might find of interest:
Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Razor $15.99 CAN
Venus Embrace's five curve-hugging blades help you shave close and a water-activated ribbon of moisture provides for a smooth glide.
I love how compact it is! It can fit in your make up bag or travel case. I should also add I love the fact that it comes in its own protective case. I once carelessly packed a razor in my suitcase and it broke when I got to my destination. An item like this is very handy and effective. Plus all Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles.
Nair Candy Apple Sugar Wax $16.99 CAN

Developed by #1 leading brand in sugar wax, this moisturizing and 99% naturally sourced formula with apple & sugar cane extract leaves your skin feeling smooth for results that last up to 4 weeks. 

This wax is a microwavable wax that kinda smells like candy apple. Definitely a much better scent than regular waxes. It also comes with a stick for application and strips for removal. I think one of my favourite things about this wax is that it's rinsable. If you apply the wax and some for some reason you freak out and you decide I can't do it.. take some water and wash it off.

Would you be interested in trying any these products?


  1. I am definitely a shaver. I am a bit of a spazz when it comes to waxing.

  2. I just love the teeny tiny razor, I always find myself wondering how to pack a razor, especially my go-to Venus one, because the bar of soap when wet just makes a mess in the suitcase. Also, it looks absolutely adorable, which is not something I ever thought I'd say about a razor!

  3. Don't like the idea of how long one has to grow the hair to wax but that razor looks handy! I love the gilette razors personally, may have to give it a go

  4. I am a shaver and Venus is my favorite brand for razors!


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