Review: LG G3 Smartphone

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is testing out new products. I'm even more ecstatic when the new product is tech related. In early December, I was invited to Her Majesty Pleasure for a special experience with LG Canada. They were looking for an exclusive group ladies and picked me plus a few other others to become official LG G3 Beauty bloggers. 

What are top things that you look for in a phone?

I look for:
  • Lightweight body
  • Attractive display
  • Comes with features that I'll actually use
I own android tablets but I've never actually had an android phone before. It was really a unique experience to try out this phone as a previous iPhone and BlackBerry user.

Let's start off with appearance:
It's a sleek metallic phone with a large screen. Similar to other new smart phones, there is no physical keyboard on the front. It's all touchscreen! Which can be a learning curve for any first time user but once you get use to it- you're set! On the back there is a button to turn off the phone plus volume controls. A unique alternative to the usual side buttons.
Plus a rear and front facing camera.

Being that I'm a videographer, I appreciate a clear and crisp display. The LG G3 does not disappoint. It offers you full HD screen picture on a 5.5 inch LCD. For me, the size was something to get used to. I used to make fun of people who had big phones but now that I got to try one- I understand the hype.

This phone is commonly referred to as the "selfie" phone. This is due to the beauty feature when taking pictures with the front camera. Let's get something out of the way...There's nothing wrong with a little enhancement to a picture as long as it still looks like you. The beauty feature let's you determine how much how "soft" you want your picture. Which eliminates the need for extra editing software on your phone. Win!  
Now the rear camera is 13 MP with laser auto focus. 
What is the purpose of laser auto focus you ask? 
Long story short- It prevents blur and allows you to take a great shot easier.

Taken with the LG G3 camera (rear camera).

I know it's a lot to take in but here are two more features that you should know about the LG G3:
  • You can develop different profiles on your phone. How about one for yourself and one for a guest?
  • I spoke a bit about this but you can take a picture by doing a gesture or just saying a special word. It eliminates that awkward left shoulder in the shot.
Do you want to test this phone out yourself? 
Look out for my January Blues contest this week.
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  1. Wow the picture quality is AMAZING! I would love to test out the phone myself - I love the large LCD screen too. xx

  2. My contract is up in April and I need a phone that takes excellent photos and this LG phone fits the bill whoot!

  3. Picture posted on IG, name Jolie238.
    The camera is great, and I know how much my daughter will enjoy taking selfies :)


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