Wedding: Bridal Shower Advice from Weddingbells’ Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill

After a lot of convincing from my future sister-in-law, I decided that I should put having a bridal shower on my list of wants. Let me start off by saying... I've never been to a bridal shower before. On top of that, I have no idea how the whole goes. Sooo when you don't know anything about the topic.. You speak to an expert!

I got Weddingbells Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill to answer those questions
that you may have about bridal showers.

Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill tackles my bridal shower questions

What typically happens at bridal showers?

A bridal shower is a celebration of the bride-to-be, which usually happens a few months before her wedding date. Family and friends are invited (usually it’s a female-centric event but more events are now becoming male inclusive). Bridal showers typically are an event hosted at someone’s house or at a restaurant. This is also a time when guests gift the bride with items typically found on their bridal registry. Good food, good times, good friends…that is a great bridal shower!

Who takes care of the bridal shower? bride? bridesmaids?

Tradition dictates that the maid of honor or bridesmaids throw the bridal shower. Family members such as mothers, sisters or cousins often take on the role of co-hosting the event (if sisters or cousins are in the bridal party, it’s easy shower planning). A bride may also have friends, co-workers or someone from the groom’s family who wants to throw the shower. The rules have become a little more flexible as to who throws the party (and sometimes there can be more than one event).

How many people usually attend a bridal shower?

The number of people can vary greatly from a very intimate event to a celebration for 80-100 people. It really depends on how large the bride’s group of family and friends are and often times a bride’s cultural background will dictate the size of the event.

Can men be invited to the bridal showers?

Yes! In the modern age of weddings anything goes. A lot of showers end with a cocktail hour where the groom and his friends and family are invited to celebrate too.

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