Purse: Declutter & Simplify

I think I've reached a part in my life where I'm ready to simplify.*I hope my husband isn't reading this*... Simplify is such a scary word because if you knew how many things I own right now you would know that it's REALLY needed.

But for me, not to overwhelm myself... I have to start small. Soooo why not start with my purse. 
I used to be the queen of large purses... It all dates back to college and every girl had one of those large TNA bags. It was perfect for me! I could fit my laptop, lunch and whatever essentials I needed for a full day of class. 


Don't get me wrong- having a large purse had perks. I love the fact that I would be able to carry a literal store everywhere I went. But man my shoulders were in pain!

I was still playing around with a big bag recently but what I was finding that was my bag was so empty. And surprisingly, I couldn't find anything in there.

Here is my current bag from Kate Spade. This bag is ideal for me because of the compartments. There's a middle compartment that has a zipper to side compartments that just have a clasp holding it together. Super simple and fashionable.


What do I carry in a small bag?
For me:
  • I have a large wallet.
  • Make up bag with my beauty essentials for today. 
  • In the inside compartment I have my feminine products.
  • At the bottom you can find a few hair ties, iphone cord, cream, tea bag and mints.

    Maybe down the line with kids, I might go back to the bigger bag.
    Right now, the smaller bags are less stress on my shoulder and less clutter in my life.

    So let me know are you a big bag or a small bag girl?


    1. I love this post because I can truly relate. I am totally a big bag girl living in a small bag world... I am immediately drawn to a big bag but I honestly can't find a thing in either....LOL

    2. I'm a big purse person, unfortunately. I would love to carry a small purse, but I will stuff everything in it! The struggle..lol. thanks for sharing!😊😊

    3. I'm a big bag girl. I have a one year old and I like to carry a big purse instead of a diaper bag. This is much easier than carrying 2 bags and way more fashionable.

    4. This is so necessary! I love big bags and I totally overdo it (all the time) with the things I stuff into my bags.Less is more!


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