My Spiced Life Contributor: Eseeri

It's 2018, time for a new contributor on the blog. I love having contributors because:
 -It exposes you all to new people. 
-Helps me share more content.
- Fun to see a new prospective!

Eseeri is a Canadian beauty and lifestyle blogger. She's been blogging for a few years about all things related to beauty, health and fitness, and travel. Her passion for developing lifestyle content stems from her drive of being the best version of herself and she encourages her readers to do the same by sharing helpful tips on travel, and healthy lifestyle habits. 

In her downtime she loves traveling, reading inspirational books, connecting with friends, scouring social media for inspiration, recording YouTube videos and of course shopping!

Why did you want to contribute to Spiced Beauty?
Spiced Beauty is the leading platform of beauty product and lifestyle reviews and advice for women. It's one of the first and only woman of colour blogs that I was introduced to here in Toronto, Canada when I found out about the world of blogging. I'm honoured to be able to add my opinion of beauty to this great platform!

How did you get into beauty?
I got into beauty at a very young age. It all started in elementary school when I went into my mother's things and found a bottle of red glitter polish. From then on I discovered eye shadow and lipstick! Thankfully my family has always been supportive of my love for beauty and have allowed me to play around with various makeup products from a very young age.

Favourite Canadian Beauty Brand?
MAC Cosmetics! MAC was the first beauty company that I found that had foundation colours that matched me perfectly! Not only that, they are constantly creating products that can be used for all skin tones. I love how they not only provide makeup for everyday use but also for days when you want to get glam or creative with your makeup.

Liquid, pencil or gel eye liners?
Liquid eye liners. I love how they provide the drama I'm looking for on my eyes and last all day.

Tips to get the perfect eyeliner?
Take your time and work in sections.

What is one beauty trick that you want to perfect?
Putting on false eyelashes! I have no clue how to apply them.

Lipsticks or Gloss?
Lipstick! My go-to shade is a bold matte red shade.

You can connect with Eseeri on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @simplyeseeri and on Facebook @iamsimplyeseeri

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