Protect Your Blog + Be Stay Cyber safe on your social media accounts

On this day in 2014, I woke up to write and discovered my blog was gone! A bit of a back story, someone tried to hack my blogger account. So as a precaution, blogger put my account on hold. I had to jump through hoops to get it back... That day I vowed to upgrade my passwords and become more conscious what I post online.

There are 4 tips to keep you cyber safe as an influencer.

  • Secure your password for your social accounts.
Try not to make your passwords things like your dog's/spouse/car/child name. Uhmmm.. I'm PRETTY sure you share all that info on your social platforms- It makes it super easy to hack when you talk about it 24/7. Switch it UP! Make it something your mama couldn't even crack!!! Add exclamation points and capital letters between the words for a stronger password.
  • Switch it up!
This is more for your social media accounts but change your password every 3-6 months. I use a few third party apps on my SM accounts. If you do a change every 3-6 months not only do you protect your accounts but you also clean up apps that you DON'T need.
  • Back that *hit UP!
Computers crash ALL the time. I've lost so many important pictures that I will NEVER get back. A dropbox account has been one of the best things I've invested in. Once I take a pictures on my camera- I upload them to my phone and they automatically get uploaded to dropbox as well. I always have a back up!

  • Meet in public places!
I've met hundreds of people off the net from my blog/SM mostly at events. Just a precaution... that I hope everyone knows. If your going to meet someone for the first time meet them in a public place. Try Tim Hortons, a mall or even the library. Just until you get comfortable with them.

Back to the point... We're over sharers but we still need to be safe and protect our ish!
Some of these tips might be self explanatory BUT we all need a refresher at the beginning of the year.
Do you have a tip that I should have added? 
Share it in the comment section.


  1. Your blog looks amazing !! This article was much needed as I’m fairly new to blogging from my own site.. thanks for the info and keep up the good work

  2. great advive, thank you for sharing this

  3. Think before do people need to know this??? lol, sounds silly but fa real. Like would I want to know this about me?? Great tips though!


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