First Time Mom Must Haves- Four to Six Months

Oh my! How behind are we?!? I apologize. So much has been going on! I have been in school, working and taking care of the baby. Plus being wife! Can’t forget that one. I legit have no time for anything but that needs to change. This is the update from her being four months to six months old. 

  • She can say dada. 
  • She’s been saying that since she was four months old. 
  • She loves to roll back-and-forth.
  • She’s working on sitting up without any assistance. 
  • She’s good at doing it for a few seconds and then she gets excited and wants the clap but doesn’t have any balance to do so. So she ends up falling over. 
  • She also loves singing and dancing. 

I know I’m going to have a little diva on my hands. I truly can’t believe that in July I’m going to be planning her first birthday party.

Here are a two products which have been making my life a lot easier with Ava:

Where would I be without my rocking chair?! 
This makes putting the baby down at night so much easier. After my husband feeds her then rocks her- 90% of the time she will fall asleep. I won’t lie.. take a few rocks in that chair and you will fall asleep too. This one is from walmart!


I’m always adding new bottles to my list and the Comotomo bottles are some of my favourites. These bottles are being compared to "breastfeeding in a bottle". The first two bottles I purchased at buybuyBaby. I was gifted a medium flow bottle. My breastfeeding journey has been rocky but I can truly say these bottles honestly helped my daughter latch better. I’m not 100% sure if it was the shape of the bottle but allowing her to open her mouth more totally helped.

  • The silicone is heat resistant. I can place them in the sterilizer with no issue. 
  • The nipples are wide so they're easy to clean. 
  • Didn't cause nipple confusion.
Bottle sizes:
-5oz bottle slow flow nipple 0-3 months
-8oz bottle medium flow nipple 3-6 months.


There is also a fast/variable flow nipple for babies 6 months+.

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