Double Cleansing: Do you need Micellar water?

I wasn’t always a micellar water fan. Back in the day I’d use it but hated how I still felt a light waxy film on my face from it. Or how much it burned my eyes!! 
Well several formulations later...It’s a important part of my double cleanse routine. 

My routine has changed but a lot of the products I wear now are long-lasting and smudge-proof. Cleanser and water doesn’t always get it all off in one shot.

Even when I’m exhausted... I don’t skip steps because at this age I can’t risk pimples. 

Here are some Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water products -
I was recently gifted to take my make up removal techniques to the next level.

Not sure what these products do?
  • Long lasting concealers/foundations wipe off with a micellar wipes. 
  • Liner on your lash line removes best with a q-tip and micellar water.
  • Cream shadow might come off easily with micellar water soaked pads.
These products are pretty accessible (can be found at your local drug store) and effective. If I had to rank them.. Number one would be the wipes. Wipes are always one of my must haves! I won’t go into detail but you can find out about my love of easy makeup removal in my old posts. Then tied for second place would would be the eye pads and water. Love the concept of the pre-soaked pads! But they’re for eye use only. I also love the water but if your out of store bought pads- I feel that the using toilet paper isn’t good enough... haha! Let me add that reusable cotton pads are a thing now. So I should invest in some!


Here are five reasons why you need micellar water in your life!
  • It can be a one step product- If your makeup is light enough ex.just brows- You could get away with eliminating one step at night.
  • Cleanses/removes makeup with one step- If you are effective you can remove a high percentage of makeup before you wash your face!
  • Can be used on all areas of the face- Depending on what the packaging says- sometimes you can use it on eyes, lips and face.
  • Does NOT dry out your face- It's not like using a high alcohol based product.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes.
Have you tried these products before?

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