How to take your baby's temperature: Newborn | Six Months | Nine Months

Oh no! 
You suspect your little one is sick. There is nothing more stressful than a sick baby. 
It's even worst because it's not possible for them to tell us what's wrong. 
If it could only be so easy!

The first time Ava Rose was a little feverish, I was instantly paralyzed with worry. Is this serious? Or am I just imagining that she's warmer than normal? After calling Telehealth, they instructed me to take her temperature. Thankfully she was okay but it totally could have been a serious situation.

The day after I googled instructions on "How to take a baby's temperature at multiple months" because I totally wanted to be prepared for my next freak out. 

**Please contact your family doctor for accurate information**

There are two options. I know the first one is exactly what you don't want to hear, but most doctors say that the best way to gauge a newborn baby's temperature is through a rectal thermometer. Luckily, rectal thermometers can be easily purchased and used. Plus they don't hurt your baby at all! Second option is under the arm! Less invasive BUT may be more realistic for you if your baby just doesn't like to sit still. 

Six Months Old 
In addition to using an under arm thermometer... experts say that it's important to wait until your child is at least 6 months old to use a digital ear thermometer. Why the ear? The ear canal shares the same blood supply as the brain’s temperature control center. 

Nine Months Old
 Once your baby is a little older, they may be able to sit still for longer. At this stage, a temporal artery thermometer may come in handy. It sounds intense, but it's actually just a long name for a forehead thermometer that takes your baby's temp by pressing against the temporal artery. 

Out of all of these methods, I would say that testing from the ear would be my favourite.


Remember, taking your child's temperature won't tell you what type of illness they have all by itself. If your baby has a fever it is important to call your doctor straight away!



  1. This is so important for moms to know! A fever is a huge sign of multiple things when you are a newborn or infant. Thank you for this!

  2. I like how you break up the different ways to take a baby’s temperature. This would be super helpful for moms with sick babies!

  3. THis is great. I sure didn’t know when I had my boys

  4. This is so helpful! I think I'm gonna grab one of these ear thermometers! It looks like I can avoid a lot of fights with that lol

  5. Great tips! My thermometer doesn't have a light on it! makes things so frustrating!
    I love an ear thermometer because I can take their temp without waking them up!


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