Natural Teething Remedies For Babies

A few mornings ago Ava woke up at 5:30am. Most the time (when she wakes up early) we give her a pacifier and she’ll go right back to bed. But this totally was not the case.

Is there anything more heartbreaking then a teething baby? We feed them, we diaper them, we care for them but try as we might, it seems like there is nothing we can do to relieve the pain of their new teeth coming in.

I won’t lie. We’re a little late on the teething bandwagon. When most of my Canadian mommy blogger friends were having trouble with teething - literally nothing was going on here. Now it hit us like a sack of bricks. Especially at odd times in the night/early morning.

Of course I want to do everything I can for my baby to help ease the pain, but I don't want to give her took much medicine. Especially ones that are filled with ingredients I can't even pronounce.

I had to go to my trusty friend for answers: GOOGLE! I literally googled every mom-tested, baby-approved natural remedies for teething. Here are a few that might work for you.

Giving your baby ice probably seems risky, but you can freeze many teething rings and other teething aids easily. When we have an ache, an ice pack is sometimes our first thought, so why not give your baby the same consideration? I have one of those water filled teething rings that I just pop into the freezer for a few hours. Whenever she starts getting fussy in the day I give it to her to play with. At first, she was really confused like.... what am I supposed to do with it...haha! After putting it into her mouth a few times she kind of now grasps the concept. The only issue is that it does end up on the floor quite a few times so I do have to wash it a lot.

Another, less obvious method that we also use for soothing ourselves naturally is tea. I will admit this is one that I have not tried yet. But just thought I would share in case there’s someone out there who want to try. Apparently a spoonful of caffeine-free tea can be just as soothing for our little ones as it is for us after a long day. One tea that kept on popping up was chamomile. Chamomile has been used as a pain relief remedy for thousands of years. So I can kinda see how it could/would help.

Lastly, there is always the often-debated method of amber jewelry. Another one that I haven’t personally used my daughter. But I do I see a lot of babies wearing them regularly. In December 2018 the FDA released a warning after receiving reports of children choking on beads that broke off. I also read about a story regarding a 18-month-old who was strangled to death by an amber necklace during a nap. I don’t know how that could happen but either way a complete tragedy. I personally think that when people use them on their little one use precautions and supervise.

Overall, I think that I’m also going to invest in some great chew toys for my daughter. If you stumbled on my page looking for some wisdom... consider these natural remedies next time your baby is having trouble with terrible teething.



  1. The only one i havent heard of is the tea method! I’d love to try that out when my baby starts to teethe. Curious to see how that works :)

  2. Jewelry was a BIG one for my little ones. I had a necklace that had a big rubber ring that my kids would chew on. Worked like a charm!

  3. Never heard of using tea! I'm out of the teething phase but my sister in law has a new little one and might be able to try that.


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