Guest Post: Travelling on a plane with a baby over 6 months

Hey everyone, my name is Jennifer.
Just before heading back to work from maternity leave, my husband and I wanted to take a two week trip over to London, England with our 11 month old son, Eli. While planning, I thought it would be best to fly overnight so Eli could sleep for most of the flight and he did. He slept for the whole 6 hours in my lap. He was very comfortable, but I will say, I was not. We ended up getting seats in the middle of the plane and wished we had seats on the sides. I think I would have been more comfortable if I had the window to lean against if needed. But with that all to say, it was still a good flight. On the flight back home, it was a little different. It was a morning flight and I knew that I would have to find things to keep Eli busy. He did have a nap but when he was awake, we walked around the plane and played with the few toys I had. The toys we brought we from the company Fatbrain Toys. These toys can be suctioned to the trays in front of you. Eli was going at them for a quite a bit of time, they kept him entertained. We also had snacks. DO NOT FORGET THE SNACKS!! Lol. Those helped a lot.

Once in London, we took transit a lot so did not have to worry about a car seat. The only time we needed a car seat was when travelling to and from the airport. In those cases, we rented a taxi that provided them. Getting around London by transit was so easy and very very reliable. I carried Eli in my Ergobaby carrier the whole trip. We did not want to bring a stroller as we did not want the challenge of having to lift it up and down the transit line. It worked out great and my husband and I took turns carrying him. We were able to zip in and out of areas quick because we had Eli attached to us. The only downside to the carrier is that we got hot fast. With all the walking and the heat (yes, London had a heatwave last year), our body temperature warmed up pretty quickly. We had to just make sure that we were hydrated and that Eli was not overheating. We did so by finding cool places to rest and drinking lots of water.
For this trip, I made sure to keep an open mind as I had no idea how Eli would handle it. We planned our outings and if halfway through our day we noticed he needed a break, we just stopped. For the most part he did very well and we were able to keep to our plans for the day. He is definitely a travel baby and we are happy about that!

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  1. Great Post! Love the Ergobaby too!

  2. Loved this post! I traveled with my daughter when she just turned a year and i was SO stressed out, but she was totally fine!

  3. Yes, flying with a baby is not that too hard. I had an Ergo as well and it was a necessity. :)

  4. Wow that's encouraging to hear he slept through the whole flight over. We are considering traveling to Germany with 2 under 2 this year. Will have to check out those toys!


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