Quick and Easy Apple Puree Mixes for Your Baby

Making food for your baby at home might seem high maintenance for some. When Ava was 5 months we started to feed her "solids". For the first few days, she was like... what is this!? Then after a while, she was obsessed. For the purposes of this article, I'm going to base my tips on a simple fruit that we all start on as babies: Apples.

You know how that old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, in this case, an apple a day might just make their transition to solids so much easier!

There are a lot of really yummy purees that you can make at home and that your little one will love involving apples! We all know apple puree is super easy to make. But, as we all know, eating the same thing in a row for a few meals can get boring quickly. Here are a few ways to spice up a simple apple puree that will be tasty and safe for baby.

• Apple and Cinnamon – It's hardly revolutionary, but sometimes the most simple ideas are overlooked. Try adding cinnamon to your puree for a kick. It's an affordable spice (can be found at the dollar store) that adds a lot of flavour. When using cinnamon- PLEASE use a very light hand.

• Apple and oats – Oats is a simple, basic grain that can be purchased in any grocery store for cheap. Adding oats to your puree will change the texture and really make it something different for your little one to enjoy!

• Apple and Carrot – Adding a vegetable into the mix is always a great idea, and a great way to introduce your baby to new foods.Carrots are always in season at Canadian grocery stores. Plus carrots are not only healthy but rich in fibre that helps build up the digestive system.

If your a Canadian Mom who is stuck on what to make for your baby- I hope these simple ideas can help you get started making and storing your own purees for your baby.



  1. Yummy! You make baby food sound like it could be a gourmet meal. I agree that by adding different food, kids get accustomed to new things. Great post! Too bad my boys are grown now. They would have enjoyed that.

  2. i love these! they seem super easy to make. I’m definitely gonna have to try out the apples and oats! I think my little brother will enjoy a little crunch with this food. lol

  3. These are great purées! My son loved these mixes.


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